HDR-10 Test Patterns Suite UHD Blu-ray Disc
by Diversified Video Solutions
HDR-10 Test Patterns Suite UHD Blu-ray Disc




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An entire suite of UHD/HDR-10 test patterns for video performance evaluation and calibration. The test patterns not only adhere to new industry standards, they conform to the UHDA (UHD Alliance) standards and specs, UHD 3840x2160 resolution, Wide color Gamut, BT.2020, HDR10, 10-Bit, ST.2086 color spec and ST.2084 transfer function. It is an attainable solution to calibrate and/or measure your new UHD/HDR display without having to spend thousands on a new UHD/HDR test pattern generator. Ryan P. Masciola of Diversified Video Solutions created all new test patterns from the ground up, with triplets that utilize the ST.2084 transfer function, precise RGB to YCbCr BT.2020 conversion, and H.265/HEVC encoding with the proper metadata tags so your HDR-10 enabled display can properly decipher these new test patterns. This test patterns are organized around a familiar layout: "Basic Setup Patterns", "Advanced Setup Patterns", and "Miscellaneous Patterns" which include full 5% and 10% window suites. The disc also includes workflows for Calman, ChromaPure, and HCFR calibration software. For more information, instruction manuals, services and support, please visit http://diversifiedvideosolutions.com External Link

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