USB micro-B to USB micro-B data cable for HA-2, 1 ft / 30 cm


This cable is useful when connecting the HA-2 to devices whose USB micro ports are located on the top or side of the device rather than on the bottom. At 30 cm in length, it is roughly 4 times as long as the USB micro-B to USB micro-B cable that ships with the HA-2.

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Refurbished OPPO PM-3 Closed-Back Planar Magnetic Headphones (Black)


Refurbished headphones are fully tested, inspected, and in like-new condition. Warranty on the refurbished unit is the same as new units.

Color: Black Black.

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Included Desktop Cable: 3 meter cable with 3.5 mm plug and screw-on 6.35 mm adapter. Additionally, select a bonus cable that best matches your needs.

Bonus Cable: Portable Cable for iPhone: 1.2 meter cable with mic and controls for Apple devices (Black)
Portable Cable for Android: 1.2 meter cable with mic and button for Android devices (Black)
Portable Cable Without Mic: 1.2 meter cable without mic and control (Black)
List Price: US$ 399.00
Price: US$ 319.00
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