Refurbished OPPO PM-3 Closed-Back Planar Magnetic Headphones (Black)


Refurbished headphones are fully tested, inspected, and in like-new condition. Warranty on the refurbished unit is the same as new units.

Color: Black Black.

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Included Desktop Cable: 3 meter cable with 3.5 mm plug and screw-on 6.35 mm adapter. Additionally, select a bonus cable that best matches your needs.

The Portable Cable for Android is currently out of stock. If you choose this cable, we will ship it separately when it becomes available during the last week of March.

Bonus Cable: Portable Cable for iPhone: 1.2 meter cable with mic and controls for Apple devices (Black)
Portable Cable for Android: 1.2 meter cable with mic and button for Android devices (Black)
Portable Cable Without Mic: 1.2 meter cable without mic and control (Black)
List Price: US$ 399.00
Price: US$ 319.00
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